2017 North American Rally to be International Rally at W.I.S.P.

The International rally for 2017 will be here, in North America, and will take the place of the annual North American rally. Following the usual rotation of Wellesley Island – Killbear – Hermit Island, the 2017 North American rally would be at Hermit Island. But our European guests have requested it be at W.I.S.P. (Wellesley Island State Park) at the head of the St Lawrence river in upstate New York. Since it is a very well liked venue the decision was made to accommodate the European’s request.

The important current issue is getting a sense of who is coming and who can commit to paying for a campsite reservation by July 10 of this year: group campsites require a minimum fifteen sites and need to be reserved one year in advance.

Go to the International rally page for the full story. As of May 16 there are 13 committed reservations.



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Wellesley Island State Park in upstate New York, along with Killbear in Ontario, and Hermit Island in Maine, share in a three-year rotation as the site of the annual North American rally. Last year, 2015, the rally was at Wellesley Island. This year, 2016, the rally is at Killbear. Normally the Hermit Island venue would be next, in 2017.

But, the 2017 International rally will be in North America. When it does what would usually be the North American rally becomes the International rally. Some European sailors have asked to have the 2017 International rally at Wellesley Island instead of Hermit Island.

You can find out about the previous Wellesley Island rallies by following the Whiffle and USWA links to the right.

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